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Communication is the ability to express and interpret concepts, thoughts, feelings, facts and opinions in both oral and written form (listening, speaking, reading and writing), and to interact linguistically in an appropriate and creative way in a full range of societal and cultural contexts; in education and training, work, home and leisure. Individuals should have the skills to communicate both orally and in writing in a variety of communicative situations and to monitor and adapt their own communication to the requirements of the situation. This skill also includes the abilities to distinguish and use different types of texts, to search for, collect and process information, to use aids, and to formulate and express one’s oral and written arguments in a convincing way appropriate to the context (

Ethics in social work

Ethics in social work ensure that social workers adhere to values, principles, and standards that benefit society and social work practice as a whole. Thus, social workers are not highly skilled, but they are also value-driven. The purpose of the social work ethics is to set consistent values, principles, and standards of conduct for all in the profession of social work. It includes models of how social work should be conducted in order to help disadvantaged, marginalized, and disabled people to reach their full potential. The code of ethics was first written in 1960 and regularly updated every year. The latest 2021 revision emphasizes the importance of professional self-care in social work, so that practitioners can properly assist their clients (read more at;
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