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Explore our eLearning platform fostering soft skills development!

The SkillHelp platform is specifically designed to help social workers improve their soft skills and ultimately enhance the quality of the services they provide. It features ten courses, each focused on developing a specific soft skill.

To get started, subscribe to a course and then use our diagnostics tool to assess your current skill level, identify areas for improvement, and set realistic goals for growth. This tool was developed in close collaboration with experienced social workers.

Then you can dive into the theoretical section of each course, which is presented in engaging and easy-to-understand language, being available in English, Spanish, Greek, Polish, and Bulgarian.

Our courses are packed with interactive exercises, include compelling video interviews with social workers, animations illustrating useful scenarios, self-evaluation quizzes, and a box of ideas presenting real-life use cases and action courses with valuable feedback.

On the platform, you can track your accomplishments in a dedicated section. Additionally, you can download a Certificate of Completion for each of the ten courses. If you achieve a score of 80% or higher in the quizzes within each unit as well as the final quiz, you will be granted a badge that attests to your proficiency. Head to your user profile to explore and showcase the badges you’ve earned!

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