Empathy. Assertiveness

The SkillHelp project aims to improve the soft skills of social assistance employees and to promote the empowerment of social workers, while emphasising the emotional and psychological aspects of the services they provide.

Our priorities


Create upskilling pathways, improve accessibility, and increase take-up of adult education, while ensuring high-quality learning opportunities for adults.


Enhance social workers' soft skills, and thereby raise the standards of the services they provide and strengthen their relationship with people at risk of social exclusion.


Raise awareness of the importance of social workers’ soft skills, as well as their training needs, promote their empowerment and improve their general wellbeing.


The need of the project

The SkillHelp project will enable social workers to develop themselves, which will translate into their well-being and better performance of their professional duties. The creation of a professional, multidimensional tool in the SkillHelp project will be one of the important elements of reducing the effects of the epidemic among employees of the social welfare system.

SkillHelp Press Release

At the end of a two-year successful collaboration, we are happy to share with you the final press release of the project, covering the results achieved by the SkillHelp consortium: Euro Lider (Poland), ASSIST Software (Romania), InnovED (Greece),...


SkillHelp Newsletter #6

As we reach the end of a 2-year productive collaboration, we invite you to explore our sixth and final newsletter, covering the final transnational partners' meeting and the multiplier events designed to promote the valuable project results....


SkillHelp Newsletter #5

Over the last several months, the SkillHelp consortium has been fully committed to developing the second and third intellectual outputs of the project, consisting of the eLearning platform and the SkillHelp online course. Explore our fifth newsletter...

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