SkillHelp Project Kick-off Meeting


The SkillHelp consortium met for the first time on the 30th and 31st of May 2022 in Lublin, Poland, at the headquarters of Euro Lider, to mark the project’s official launch.

After successfully collaborating for several months, this was an excellent opportunity for partners to decide on key aspects of upcoming tasks related to the three intellectual outputs, in order to ensure a smooth project implementation within the established timeframe.

One of the major subjects discussed during the meeting was diagnostic tool designed to assess social workers’ soft skills. Each partner was tasked with developing assessment questions for two soft skills as part of the psychometric tests, from the following list: empathy, stress and burnout resilience, building interpersonal relations, efficiency and organization skills, communication, ethics in social work, mediation and conflict resolution, ability to empower and motivate, negotiation skills and assertiveness.

Partners will create a compelling online course fostering soft skills improvement based on the competencies mentioned above. The course will be available on the eLearning platform ASSIST Software will design and develop in the coming period. Details about the course will be further discussed at the LTTA planned to take place in Volos in early September 2022. This will also provide an opportunity to share best practices in social work.

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