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SkillHelp Press Release

At the end of a two-year successful collaboration, we are happy to share with you the final press release of the project, covering the results achieved by the SkillHelp consortium: Euro Lider (Poland), ASSIST Software (Romania), InnovED (Greece),...

SkillHelp Newsletter #6

As we reach the end of a 2-year productive collaboration, we invite you to explore our sixth and final newsletter, covering the final transnational partners' meeting and the multiplier events designed to promote the valuable project results....

IO1 – SkillHelp Diagnostics Tool

In close collaboration with experienced social workers, we developed an assessment tool designed to comprehensively assess an extended array of soft skills required in, but not limited to the field of social work.

IO2 – SkillHelp eLearning Platform

The SkillHelp platform is specifically designed to help social workers improve their soft skills and ultimately enhance the quality of the services they provide.

IO3 – SkillHelp Online Course

Our program comprises ten meticulously crafted modules, each dedicated to enhancing a specific soft skill crucial for success and impact.

SkillHelp Newsletter #5

Over the last several months, the SkillHelp consortium has been fully committed to developing the second and third intellectual outputs of the project, consisting of the eLearning platform and the SkillHelp online course. Explore our fifth newsletter...

SkillHelp Newsletter #4

The SkillHelp consortium has made significant progress in project implementation over the last few months. Explore our 4th Newsletter to learn about our most recent developments, and keep an eye out for the upcoming eLearning platform, which...

SkillHelp Project Leaflet

The SkillHelp project dissemination partner, InnovED, has prepared the following leaflet that summarises the details of the project, including the members of the consortium, the main objectives, the results of the project and the target group...

Newsletter #3

The SkillHelp consortium is happy to announce the publication of the project’s third newsletter, dedicated to the development of the project website, which will constitute the main channel for the dissemination of project results.

Skillhelp Newsletter #2

The SkillHelp consortium is happy to announce the release of the second project newsletter, covering one of the three project intellectual outputs: the diagnostic tool designed for the assessment of social workers’ soft skills. Explore...

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